Running a golf tournament can be overwhelming, but we make it easy for you.

Let us help you, help others. It’s no secret, hosting a golf tournament is a great way to raise not only money, but also the best way to raise awareness for your cause.

Let’s take a quick look at why:

Where else can you get upwards of 144 people willing to donate their time and money for 4 + hours in a single day purely on the notion of fun?

Where else can you raise money?

There are actually several different places you can raise money with a golf tournament. First of all, when you host the tournament, each player will pay a fee to participate. Remember, the more people you have participate, the more opportunity to raise money! In this area, a typical entry fee is $75 / player or $300 / team. This number is, of course, generated from your expenses. Some of those expenses derive from the course.


All great tournaments are made from these sponsorships. This is where I like to say ‘You want your sponsorships to pay for your golf tournament’. If done right, all of your expenses should be paid through this. You can have different levels of sponsorship.

Let’s do some quick math: if you have 100 players on a weekday in June, and you want to serve our Platinum package for the food. The total cost to you is $5,400. Your lowest levels of sponsorships are the Tee Sponsorship which costs $200. In order to pay for your tournament all you would need to get is 27 Tee Sponsors. That’s not even 2 sponsors per hole. That’s just on your lowest level of sponsors! You may have a company willing to donate more than $200. Then the entry fees are your profits. This is why I always say to go after sponsorships the hardest. Just remember to thank them in a tournament booklet and hole sign.


Keep your costs as low as you can. Get as many donations from companies as you can. If they won’t be a sponsor, they may be more than happy donating a product to be raffled off, given as a door prize, or even a tournament prize.

Leave a lasting impact on your players:

Make the players forget about the entry fee. Show them something for their money. Give them games, food, beverages, entertainment, fun, prizes. Etc. Make it the best tournament they have played in. Let us help you with that. Give us a call.


72 Players or less – $28/Player

72 Players or more – $26/Player


100 Players or less – $35/Player

100 Players or more – $33/Player

Gold: $32

Steak Dinner, Salad, Baked Potato, Beverage

Silver: $26

Chicken BBQ Buffet, Beverage

Bronze: $20

Sausage and Peppers, Macaroni or Potato Salad, Beverage

Hot dog on turn: $4.50 

*Substitutions may be made, price will vary accordingly