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How to Beat the Winter Golfing Blues

Winter view of golf carts at Shadowbrook Resort in Tunkhannock, PA

As the last few weeks of fall seem to dwindle away as each day goes by, the time is nearing to put away the clubs for the year. While the days on the green may be coming to a close, there is plenty to do during the off season to improve your mind, body, and skills for next season.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

It’s no news to any seasoned or novice golfer that there is meticulous focus required whether you’re making a 200-yard drive or a 15 ft putt. This intense focus is somewhat put on the back burner in the off-season, leaving room for your brain to get lazy while you’re off the course. Keep your mind in top shape while taking time off this winter by reading up on your favorite golf literature or watching YouTube videos to improve technique.

Inspect your Irons

Now would likely be the best time for you to reevaluate the condition of your club arsenal. Like any sport or hobby, it’s inevitable to put general wear and tear on your equipment over time, and the end of the season is prime time to inspect what may need to be cleaned, adjusted, or refitted. Rather than spending a fortune each year on purchasing entirely new clubs, it may be in your best interest to take a few minutes to check out each club and see what you can do in order to improve their condition and reserve quality, rather than immediately putting a full new set of clubs on your Christmas list.

Recover and Restore

After months of utilizing constant muscle memory, it is crucial to use this time to regain your physical health. Achy joints and sore muscles are a recipe for disaster for any golf fanatic, so using this time off is key to a long-lasting life on the golf course. Many will say “Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing”, and implementing a small number of daily stretches is a great place to start. Find a routine that best fits your schedule, and you might be shocked by how these small and seemingly mindless stretches can make you feel.

Give a Gift

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